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[TRLog] TR 6.64 comments...

Subject: [TRLog] TR 6.64 comments...
From: (Udo DL2ZAV)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 21:57:26 +0200

[Ron D. Rossi, 17 Apr 2002:]

> >>>VR2BrettGraham said:
> > I2WIJ mentioned:
> > 
> > >40M  IK5ABH/P (displayed on the Band Map as IK5AIH/)
> > 
> > I reply here as maybe I'm alone with this idea, but since we (should be)
> > are aware of what band we are on, rather than including the Mc bit of
> > the frequency in the bandmap, might displaying only the kc & fractions
> > of a kc bit of the frequency be better, therefore allowing display of a
> > longer call?
> The display can handle multiple bands, so the MHz info is relevant.
> > 
> > I would've thought that knowing IK5AIH/P is his call, rather than knowing
> > he's on 7-point-something megacycles is of more benefit to the operator,
> > but admittedly there are times when I haven't a clue what band I'm on &
> > all those 7s in the bandmap seem to drive the point home.  ;^)
> The full call shows up in the call window as you tune by it, and you know the 
> most important things about the station at a glance: 1) have I worked it 
> before, 2) is it a multiplier.

I agree in both cases.

> Some options for folks to consider to free up some space for longer calls:
> 1) dropping the 1/10 MHz digit and the decimal (9 characters for calls)

PLEASE, NO! Imagine you are a new user or it's 3 AM and you 
read 40255 on the screen. Would you realize that this is 14.025.5 
MHz ??

> 2) dropping just the decimal point itself (8 characters for calls)

Pooh. After adding 180 for long path bearing, now dividing by 10 to 
read freq - TR your best math practice :-)) So 18100 is not in the 
middle of 17 metres, but bottom of 160 metres.
> 3) reducing the number of columns displayed by one (lots of white space)

Life is too short for whatever and an 80 by 50 screen is too small to 
leave white space

> 4) leave it alone (7 characters for calls)

Probably the best.

5) Drop the MHz digits, keep kHz, decimal and tenths of kHz, but 
add a header line for each band, making it look like

14 mc --------
022.5 N6TR
028.5 KK1L
21 mc --------
28 mc --------
200.0 4U1UN/B


I don't know if such entries could be treated like normal entries 
when scrolling the bandmap etc.

73, Udo

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