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[Trlog] TRLog 6.73 Jun 10

Subject: [Trlog] TRLog 6.73 Jun 10
From: k1ky at (Thomas M. Delker)
Date: Sun Aug 3 15:16:59 2003
Ditto the "Alt-D" problem - the new call was appended to the last 
unsuccessfully worked 2nd radio dupe check. This problem was also enountererd 
by another TCG member during NAQP last night.

No crashes, but it looked like I was heading for one during the last hour when 
the Auto-CQ feature became very flaky and did not kick off the repeating CQ's 
after the first one kicked off, and the timer did not appear -- text entries 
began appearing all over the bottom part of the screen (not in the call and 
exchange window where they belonged).  Exited the program and restarted, things 
stabilized.  Available memory was still in exxcess of 100000 during the wierd 

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A.R.R.L. Asst. Section Emergency Coord. - Middle TN
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