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RE: [Trlog] Which version do I use for CW SS?

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Subject: RE: [Trlog] Which version do I use for CW SS?
From: "Mike Wetzel" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 21:51:22 -0500
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I used the latest version with 2 IC-781's and had pretty good success (no
major problems), just a few minor glitches that I will mention to Tree.  I
did end up rebooting about 10 times (again no problem as it is so fast) but
the "exchangeradio" feature somehow didn't work right after a while.  I had
a fair amount of q's and probably 400 or 500 second radio q's.

Mike W9RE

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> Subject: [Trlog] Which version do I use for CW SS?
> Hi All:
> I'd like to try the SO2R enhancements in newer versions of TR-Log.  After
> reading Tree's (retracted) advice to use an old, known, version, I had
> decided to use 6.72 again.  Did anyone use 6.78 in a serious SO2R effort
> in the CQWW?  How did it work?
> Thanks and 73.
> Mark, KD4D
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