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Re: [Trlog] RTTY issues

Subject: Re: [Trlog] RTTY issues
From: VR2BrettGraham <>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 01:47:58 +0000
List-post: <>
W9WI wrote:

Between the RTTY WPX and yesterday's RTTY NAQP, I switched main radios
from an IC-765 to a FT-1000MP.

With the MP, I had to turn rig control off.  TR thought it was in CW
mode, and would switch the program to CW - at which time the F-key
messages would be sent out the CW interface, instead of to the TNC.  You
could use alt-M to switch modes to RTTY, but the next time the rig was
polled, it would switch back to CW.  The radio itself stayed in RTTY
mode.  I don't think F10 (for manual sending) worked either - IIRC those
keystrokes were sent as CW also.

Setting MULTIPLE MODES = FALSE simply made it impossible to use alt-M to
get out of CW mode - it didn't lock TR in the RTTY mode in which the
last QSO was made.

It didn't do this with the IC-765.

When I switched from an MP to a K2, I realized that it was possible to have a radio interfaced with TR & not have the program think it should be in CW mode when the rig is in RTTY. The terminal window for RTTY means no bandmap, but it is helpful to have the program follow the rig on band changes.

But a problem with BFO range on my K2 means I must use RTTY-REV (same
as CW-REV) mode if I want to use narrow filters - when I do this, TR thinks
the rig is in CW-REV mode (not sure if the MP is the same, but with TR it
thinks CW when radio is saying RTTY).

I have not looked at what is going across the RS-232 line, but I think TR is
getting it wrong.

More a hint than a bug: don't redefine F10 in RTTY mode.  Playing around
before the contest, I put a long CQ in CQ memory F10.  It transmitted OK
- but it also transmitted at the beginning of every other F-key
message.  I need to experiment more with this.

If you put a long CQ in CQ memory F10, then you have redefined it - which contradicts the first sentence. I don't think we have a choice with F10 - it's meant to be used for keyboard mode. As CQ/EX MENUs don't switch on their own when working folks in run mode, I make CQ MENU show both CQ & EXCHANGE memories, which often are combined. I also have been somewhat programmed from using TR on CW to expect a longer CQ to be on F2.

Here is part of my logcfg.dat for BARTG:

cq memory f1 = cq cq test cq cq test DE \ \ \ \ kkk
CQ MEMORY F2 = CQ cq cq test cq cq cq test de \ \ \ \ kkk
CQ MEMORY F3 = @ 599 # # # DE \ kkk
CQ MEMORY F5 = # # #
CQ MEMORY F7 = <03>r<0D>tc<0D>
CQ MEMORY F9 = ???
ex memory f3 = @ de \ 599 # # # kkk
ex memory f4 = qrz qrz test de \ \ kkk
EX MEMORY F5 = nr? nr? nr?
EX MEMORY F7 = <03>r<0D>tc<0D>
EX MEMORY F9 = ???
CQ EXCHANGE = @ DE \ 599 # # # KKK
S&P EXCHANGE = @ de \ 599 # # # kkk
REPEAT S&P EXCHANGE = @ @ de \ 599 # # # kkk
QSL MESSAGE = @ rrr 73 qrz test de \ \ kkk
ex menu = F1-DE+Cl F2-+ F3-rptex F4-QRZ? F5-nr/nr? F6-QRZ? F7-Abort F8-AGN F9-? Alt-AskForHis
CQ menu = F1/2-CQ F3-rptex F4-QRZ? F5-nr/nr? F6- F7-Abort F8-AGN F9-? Alt-AskForHis

With this arrangement, I sometimes use F10 in order to say something to someone
(like "Hi Marjan" when S56A calls) or in feeble attempts of duplicating the TAIL END
KEY functionality by hitting ESC, F10 tu nw tail_end_call, ESC, type call, hit
ENTER... anybody get their rate meter much over 90 with TR in RTTY yet? Being
able to respond to other callers that printed after a CQ is about the only area where
I can see I'm being held up by the program - another smaller improvement could be
from being able to use the different QSL MESSAGEs so a shorter one can be used
when rates are high or conditions so good that shorter messages can be used.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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