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Re: [Trlog] RDXC & updating RUSSIAN.DOM

To: "Jaap - PA2F" <>, <>
Subject: Re: [Trlog] RDXC & updating RUSSIAN.DOM
From: "Igor Sokolov" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 23:50:54 +0500
List-post: <>
> :Besides I suggest you rather add new IDs for
> :these 5 oblast then substitute them because these
> :changes are not known to some of the participants.
> Yr = Ja, YR
> Yn = YN, JN
> Ev = EV, EW
> Sh = SH, YA
> Ky = KY, KJ
> Rz = RZ, RA
> Ad the new/updated ones and remove the old Xx = XX and place the old XX
> behind the new one, separated by a ,
> this avoids not being able to log and avoids double mults.
> 73 Jaap, PA2F

Jaap, this is not the best solution because if someone gives you YA and you
put it down as YA it will still get logged as SH which may be counted as a
mistake on your part because the log of the other party will state that he
had sent YA and not SH.

73, Igor UA9CDC

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