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[WL-USERS] Telnet facility at WriteLog v.9.23G

To: <writelog@contesting.com>
Subject: [WL-USERS] Telnet facility at WriteLog v.9.23G
From: nuradi@indosat.net.id (Ir. Nuradi, Hendrarto)
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 06:31:36 +0700
Dear Ron,
many thanks for your e-mail reply, IT WORKS fine !
Just wonder why this all happen because I always connect to the OH2AQ web
cluster using DX4WIN and it always works !!! Looks like that the OH2AQ web
cluster is the best, based on several comments that I got from top DXers.

I have other question on where is the parameter for setting the TNC ( such
baud rate, N,8,1 and COM number that were used ). I do not see any column
inside the Setup Port setup related for this purpose.

Also if possible to get the answer to my other two more queries, re the
sign next to the COM 1-8 list AND Help function available at 'Packet
Terminal' window.

I copy this message also to Wayne, W5XD, in case you are very busy to get
order. Guys, WriteLOg is superb !!! I like it very much after using the CT
for several years, hi hi.

Nuradi, yb0unc
-----Original Message-----
From: Ron Stailey, K5DJ <k5dj@contesting.com>
To: Ir. Nuradi, Hendrarto <nuradi@indosat.net.id>
To: <writelog@contesting.com>
Date: Wednesday, June 02, 1999 1:01 AM
Subject: Re: [WL-USERS] Telnet facility at WriteLog v.9.23G

>Nuradi, not sure you can hit http://oh2aq.kolumbus.com/dxs/dx25.html with
>telnet.. Below is some good listings for Internet DX Clusters...
>  73, de Ron K5DJ
>                  Telnet DX Clusters:
> AC4ET            ham.southeast.net
> DB0EAM ( via Link at:)          gw.iw0qmn.ampr.org
> EA7URC          (Custom 41112)
> GB7MBC (via link at:)           radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> HB9W   (via link at:)           radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> IK5PWJ (via link at:)           radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> IR5PWJ (via link at:)           radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> IW0QMN                          gw.Iw0qmn.ampr.org
> IW5DAM (via link at:)           radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> JA3YTZ                          gw.Iw0qmn.ampr.org then connect
>                                 (jpgate and connect DXC)
> K4UJ        
> K5DXC                 
> KA4PKB                
> KE5GA                           gw.ke5ga.ampr.org
> KN4F                  
> N4TY                  lexgate.stdio.com
> N5UXT                           gw.n5uxt.ampr.org
> N6VR   (Link to:)     
> N6WS   (Link to:)     
> N7TR                            gw-wadg.greatbasin.net
> N8TO                            n8to.modempool.com
> N9BMS        
> PI5EHV (Link to:)               radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> PY2XB  (Link to:)               radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> R3ARES        
> RK2FWA                
> RK6LWX                
> RW6AWT                
> RX4HW-2               
> RZ1AWT-4                        rlk.aanet.ru
> SK3GK  (Link to:)               radio-gw.cnuce.cnr.it
> US5WE                           ut1wpr.ampr.org
> VE1DXC                
> VE7CQD                
> WE9R                  
> WU3V                  
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>  WriteLog Ver-9.23G (With Rttyrite/WinRTTY) is the most recent version.
>                  (PSK31 has been added in Ver-9.23G)
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