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[WL-USERS] Adjusting Log Times???

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Subject: [WL-USERS] Adjusting Log Times???
From: Alan.Maenchen@smi.siemens.com (Maenchen Alan (ITC))
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 13:37:02 -0700
Tks for this 'fix' Wayne,

I didn't discover the time error until after the contest was over. I had set
the DOS clock to GMT, and even selected the GMT time zone in Windows setup
so I thought everything would be fine. The time shown in the lower right
corner was correct, but WL offset that time by one hour in the log. Does GMT
have daylight savings time???? I think the software is getting too smart.

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours writing a BASIC program to take the ASCII log and
shift all the times by one hour. Side question: why does the ASCII log have
lines with more than 80 characters? 

That said, this was my first time to use WL and it worked flawlessly. The
packet functions were great! 

73, Al  AD6E

1011 QSOs, 1.28 megapoints

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Subject: RE: [WL-USERS] Adjusting Log Times???

Just do what comes naturally.

Bring up the log.
Edit Select All.
Click on the TIME of one of the QSOs.
Change it to the correct time.
Click OK.
WL will ask if you want to shift your entire log.

Wayne, W5XD

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> Subject: [WL-USERS] Adjusting Log Times???
> I hope everyone had a blast in WPX cw.  I just got
> WriteLog up & running with my Omni 6 Friday morning,
> and I was very impressed with the software after
> trying to scramble up the learning curve.
> Well one oversight of mine was discovering half-way
> through the contest (duh) that WriteLog was adjusting
> my computer clock from EDT to GMT.  That would
> normally be appreciated, except my computer clock is
> already GMT!!!
> So I now have a log with times that are off by 4
> hours.  Before I go through the steps of exporting the
> log & massaging the data in a database program
> (Microsoft Access), just wanted to check if anyone
> knows of a built-in WriteLog function to shift all
> long entries by -4 hours?
> Tnx & 73,
> Barry  N1EU
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