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[WL-USERS] WriteLog Networked for Field Day

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Subject: [WL-USERS] WriteLog Networked for Field Day
From: aa5au@msn.com (Don Hill)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 20:42:01 -0500
It doesn't do you much good to network the three stations together if you
want separate
logs on each computer.  If, for example, you have one station for RTTY, one
for CW, and
one for SSB, then you could just use each computer stand-alone and merge the
log files
afterward (quite easily done).

Since you are already networked, I believe you can scroll to the far right
of the log screen
and see where each contact came from.  For example, I label my computers A,
B, and C.
When networked, the log should show whether the contact came from computer
A, B, or
C.  This should suffice.

Network feature of this program is superb.  I use a 10-base T system using 8
satin line cord, RG-45 connectors and a hub.  Slick as a whistle.

Look for me with the Delta DX Association as W5RU this weekend.  GL!

73, Don AA5AU

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From: Pat Cain, K0PC <pcain@netscape.net>
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To: <writelog@contesting.com>
Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 4:49 PM
Subject: [WL-USERS] WriteLog Networked for Field Day

>Hello All,
>I tried posting this question last week but I don't think it worked
>correctly. I subscribed to the list again and now all seems well.
>My Field Day group is going to try networking three stations together this
>year. When we were testing out the network we found that all QSOs appear on
>the list at each station computer. Is it possible to limit the display to
>just those stations worked at each station?
>Thanks for the help and have a good time this weekend.

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