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[WL-USERS] Write Log & RTTY Comments

To: <writelog@contesting.com>
Subject: [WL-USERS] Write Log & RTTY Comments
From: malbers@colby.ixks.com (Michael Albers)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 00:27:41 -0000
Just finished my first RTTY contest/contacts and my first contest with Write
Log.  Have a few questions still with the Kenwood 570 & Write Log.

I was finally able to TX RTTY by running a cable to the mic connector on the
front of the radio.  It worked great at that point.  The radio control cable
switched between TX & RX so didn't have to use the VOX.  Will Write Log not
work with the Aux 2 connector on the back of the 570?  I double checked all
my connections and they look fine.  PSK still works OK on the rear

When in the RTTY window, I was not able to send any of my function keys.  I
had to switch to the normal logging window and start the transmission with
the function keys, then jump back to the RTTY window for the response.  Is
this correct or do I not have something set correctly?

I think I finally got the hang of imputing data from the RTTY screen into
the QSO field.  Do other users space key over to the time field prior to
jumping back to the RTTY window to make it easy to insert the time with the

It has taken a little time being the new kid on the block with Write Log.
It is a great program and I will look forward to many more contests.

Thanks for the info...   Mike K0FJ  k0fj@arrl.net

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