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[WriteLog] More on Writelog colors

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Subject: [WriteLog] More on Writelog colors
From: scot@k9jy.com (Scot Herrick)
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 14:36:47 -0000
Hi Steve,

Well, I know the 'ReverseBackgroundColor' is the background color when you
click on 'FSK Reverse' in the Rttyrite window. I don't know the
'SpecialBackgroundColor.' Anyone else?

CU...Scot, K9JY

K9JY's WriteLog User Support Site at:

> Since there has been some recent discussion on setting screen colors, I'll
> ask a question that has me puzzled.
> Under the Rttywrite option in the ini file,  what are
> "ReverseBackgroundColor"  and "SpecialBackgroundColor"???
> I have the other colors set to suit my particular needs, but have no idea
> what these other 2  colors do, or when they come into play.
> Couldn't find the answer in help file or at  K9JY's fantastic site.
> Steve KW3A
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