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[WriteLog] Coming Soon - WPX RTTY buffers & more

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Subject: [WriteLog] Coming Soon - WPX RTTY buffers & more
From: don.wsixffh@verizon.net (Donald Eriksen)
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 22:56:16 -0800
Thanks for the reminder, Don. I looked in the latest issue of CQ at the
Contesting Calendar of Events, and the only contest listed for Feb. 9-10 is
the Dutch PACC contest. And this is a CQ co-sponsered event!!

Anyway the rules are available at the RTTY journal page,


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From: "Hill, Don" <dhill@cprk.com>
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Subject: [WriteLog] Coming Soon - WPX RTTY buffers & more

> I promise to have WPX buffers on the AA5AU WriteLog website soon,
> hopefully by tonight.
> I will also be adding screen shots of the changes I've made to
> my WriteLog screen when using Dual Receive.  I tried this screen
> set-up in last weekend's XE contest and it was very functional.
> I also want to add some suggestions on what to do when operating
> SO2R on RTTY in those contests that require serial numbers in
> the exchange.  These suggestions may also work for CW & SSB.
> Be looking for the changes, I'll announce them when I'm finished
> with them all.  However, some changes may become available before
> I make the announcement.
> I also will be adding an E-mail button on the front page if you
> have any suggestions on things you'd like to see on the website.
> It will be a different address other than my home & work addresses.
> After 11 days of being on-call at work and operating both BARTG
> RTTY Sprint and XE RTTY contests the past two weekends,
> it's nice to finally have some "extra" time on my hands.  I'm afraid
> I might be burned out by the time WPX RTTY gets here this weekend though.
> Three RTTY contests in 16 days is too much.  Whoever suggested there
> are too many RTTY contests is absolutely correct - even for a RTTY
> junkie like myself.
> 73,
> Don AA5AU @ work, ready to go home!
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