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[WriteLog] Rig Setup

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Subject: [WriteLog] Rig Setup
From: ns3t@hotmail.com (Jamie Dupree NS3T)
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 17:16:31 +0000
Writelog Gang:

I just got myself a hand-me-down computer that I am using to improve my set 
up in the radio shack.  Nothing special, but it has 2 serial ports, so I'm 
using one for CW and one for rig control.

CW works fine over COM2 - the rig control cable has taken COM4.
On "Setup Ports" it has accepted both....there's all kinds of stuff listed 
in the ini file for both ports...BUT...

I can't get the computer to control the frequency/mode/etc on my
IC-706.  (It is set according to numerous posts I've seen to make sure that 
the radio is properly configured for the control cable.)

Any thoughts?  Is there an .ini setting that I need to check?

It works fine right now - CW is flawless, etc.  I have tried both radio 
Right and Left - but often the frequency "button" will say "No Rig!" when I 
transmit in CW.  It would just be nice to solve this before the ARRL DX 

I have to say, WL is vy fb.

Jamie NS3T

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