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[WriteLog] Re: [RTTY] Proliferation of DX RTTY Activity

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Subject: [WriteLog] Re: [RTTY] Proliferation of DX RTTY Activity
From: wa9als@starband.net (WA9ALS - John)
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 11:09:15 -0500
> An operating observation here: Writelog 10.30 plus MMTTY plug in works
> better with Win95 than with Win2000Prof here.. Long initialization and
> shutdown times with Win2K (about 18 seconds) in both stand alone MMTTY and
> also the plugin for Writelog.
> Win95 computer has 128Meg RAM, 4.3Gig HD, and Pentium 200MMX with PCI128
> soundcard - about 4 secs up and 3 secs down...
> W2K computer 750Meg Pentium III w/256meg RAM, 90Gig HD and PCI128
> soundcard... (18 secs up, 20 secs down)

Something's amiss because my WIN2L prof starts and stops MMTTY standalone or
plugin in 2 sec or less.  Dell 1.3G with 256K...  ??  Thus I don't think
it's the WIN2k at the root of the longer times.  73

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