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[WriteLog] Omit non-mult zero-pointers from the Packet Spots window

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Subject: [WriteLog] Omit non-mult zero-pointers from the Packet Spots window
From: Mike Heideman <mike_heideman@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 11:55:21 -0700
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While operating in WAE SSB I set up my cluster filters so that I was only 
getting spots of EU stations.  I could then click on spots in the Packet Spots 
window and try to work EU stations that had been spotted by others.
Once I'd worked all the spots that could hear me I went from click-and-pounce 
mode to search-and-pounce mode.  This ended up being much less efficient than 
it could have been because of my cluster filters.  As I tuned across stations I 
could easily skip the spotted EU stations as I'd see the callsign in the 
bandmap and a quick listen to a full or partial callsign would verify it was 
someone I'd already worked or who didn't hear me.
Too much time was spent trying to decipher the callsigns of stations with 
auroral flutter, as most EU stations had, only to discover I was listening to 
9K9Z, 7Z1SJ, P3F, 5B4AIF, or a ZS, 4X, 4L, etc.  Voices with European accents 
or stations with big pileups also attracted my attention but many of these were 
non-EU such as PJ4DX, NP2X, VY2/JR..., VA2EW, YV, KP4.
I'd spot these stations locally and often to the cluster and then immediately 
delete them from the Packet Spots window.  That way they would be in the 
Bandmap and next time I tuned across I could quickly re-identify and skip over 
them.  I didn't want to change my cluster filter settings as that would add 
even more clutter into the Packet Spots window that would need to be ignored or 
After repeatedly going through the cycle of spot locally then remove from 
Packet Spots window it occurred to me that what is really needed is an option 
in WriteLog to put all spotted callsigns in the Bandmap but to only put the 
subset of spotted callsigns into the Packet Spots window that have value in the 
contest, either by giving QSO points or as a multiplier.  If this option were 
available then the cluster filter could enable all callsigns to go into the 
Bandmap but WriteLog would limit what appears in the Packet Spots window.
I mostly use the Bandmap to help identify the station I hear on a particular 
frequency.  It's also useful for selecting a CQ frequency since a frequency 
that sounds clear may show a spotted station in the Bandmap to which there is 
no propagation.  The Packet Spots window provides a much better interface for 
There are many other contests in which this feature would be useful - ARRL DX, 
state QSO parties, All Asian, CQWW (once you've worked your own country and 
zone).  Even contests such as NAQP where non-NA station don't get points for 
working other non-NA stations that may be CQing.
With RBN this is less valuable for CW and RTTY while operating assisted, but 
I've still found value in tuning the band because there are sometimes stations 
that are not picked up by any of the skimmers, particularly on 160 and 10 
meters.  While operating unassisted I always put all callsigns into the bandmap 
as I tune across them and it would be useful to omit the zero-pointers from the 
Packet Spots window so that it could be used to click on and return to stations 
that couldn't be worked when first encountered.
-Mike, N7MH
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