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FT1000MP TX problems

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT1000MP TX problems
From: dgeorge@freenet.carleton.ca (David George)
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 08:15:55 -0400
>When the 'MP is cold it works fine. When it warms up, after about 20-30
>minutes, a strange thing happens whereby the SWR reading goes to
>infinity on the rising edge of speech and CW. The antennas have been
>checked with various other rigs, so no problem there. This problem is
>mainly seen on 15 and 17M. When it happens, there is a type of 'buzzing'
>sound from inside the radio (bouncing relays ??). 

Hi Andrew,

        My problem is restricted to 15M SSB and does not seem to be
related to how long the rig has been on. 
        When I tx on CW either direct or through the tuner the SWR is less
than 1.5 to 1 but when I switch to SSB (again either direct or through the
tuner) on the same frequency the SWR shoots up to greater than 3 to 1,
the HI SWR light comes on and the rig stops tranmitting.  As with you the
antenna system has been well tested on other rigs. 

        This problem is well beyond my understanding and I'd be most
grateful to get some understanding and, especially, a fix.

        73 . . . David
David A. George                          Internet: dgeorge@freenet.carleton.ca
VE3UOL                                   QTH: RR#2, Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada.
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