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FT1000MP TX problems

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT1000MP TX problems
From: rlc@soho.ios.com (rlc@soho.ios.com)
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 10:05:07 +0000
Thanks to Dave and Andrew for posting this.  My FT1000MP has 
essentially the same problem and some additonal varations.  It is now 
back at Yaseu for its third trip and I have supplied two video tapes 
demonstrating failure modes.  I would appreciate any feedback from 
anyone else who has had similar symptons.  So far Yaesu has been very 
polite and interested, but has not fixed ANY of the problems.  The 
operation is so bizarre that I don't feel they are going to be able 
to cure the problem anytime soon, and after the third trip back at 
about 4 weeks ship, exmaine, return, cycles, I am asking them to 
replace the rig.

Anyway the rig usually appears normal when cold.  After being on 
quitea few hours in RX mode, a switch to TX will reveal max power 
dropping on several bands but >100W on others.  When the tuner is 
engaged the power drops further and the tuner makes a 1:1 dummy load 
look like a 1.3:1 load.  After a while the tuner will get into an 
extended tune mode where it cannot find a null and will time out 
(into a dummy load or a well-matched antenna).  The next step is for 
the tuner to break into the "Buzzing" mode described below.  My rig 
has an additional "feature."  Over the last 2 months once it becomes 
ill at some point, usually during a DX contact I really want, it 
stops going into TX mode.  (It also stops closing the relaly in an 
attached amp if that is in use.)
The only way to get it into TX mode is to engage the tuner and ask it 
to tune.  It does not tune but the TX indication turns on.  At that 
point depending on how the rig feels it may deliver 0 output in cw or 
SSB or it may deliver full output.  The only problem is that you 
cannot get it out of TX mode till you turn the power off.

Other possibly related symptons:  At the same output power level the 
ALC in SSB is erratic.  At times it behaves just as the manual says, 
with voice peaks driving teh ALC indication to the right end of the 
meter scale.  At other times, yelling whistling etc cannot drive it 
past midscale, even with the mike gain set for max and the "mike 
meter reading" showing that audio is maxed.  Another wierd sympton 
with this rig is an "airy" unstable beat note that walks through the 
cw passband near the noise floor with the 500HZ/250Hz filter 
combination.  This is not RF tunable but cw pitch control tunable and 
is cleared up either by a wider filetr set or by turning on the EDSP. 
 It is annoying but I can work around it.

To me all these problems added up spell some sort of RF leakage or 
coupling problem.  After hearing about some FT1000MP EMC problems in 
the presence of other TXs I am even more suspocious.  I would 
appreciate any feedback from those with similar problems or any 
advice on how to get Yases to replace this rig they have been unable 
to repair.  I will post any input from YAesu as I expect to call them 
early next week.

Bob Carroll
To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
  > Date:          Thu, 04 Jul 1996 21:21:59 -0400
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> From:          thompsonindspring.com (David L. Thompson)
> Reply-to:      thompsn@mindspring.com (David L. Thompson)
> Subject:       Re: FT1000MP TX problems

> >>   I have a problem with my FT1000MP and was wondering has anyone else
> >> had this problem, or know how to cure it.
> >> 
> >> When the 'MP is cold it works fine. When it warms up, after about 20-30
> >> minutes, a strange thing happens whereby the SWR reading goes to
> >> infinity on the rising edge of speech and CW. The antennas have been
> >> checked with various other rigs, so no problem there. This problem is
> >> mainly seen on 15 and 17M. When it happens, there is a type of 'buzzing'
> >> sound from inside the radio (bouncing relays ??). 
> Someone might want to run this problem by Milt Lord, N4DA (on the web as the
> "Radio Doctor".)
> If Milt has seen the problem he probably has a fix...he was one of the first
> to recognize and fix the glue gung problem on the TS440 series (made it go -
> - - - - - - ) on one or more bands.  The glue turned into a conductor and
> shorted out the VFO board among others.
> It sounds like a board interconnect problem similar to what the TS940
> suffers from just by moving it around....
> Sure doesn't make one confident in staying in the contest if the rig has a
> history of flaking out!
> 73, Dave K4JRB
> >> 
> >> My radio is an AC model and has a serial number in the 5F010XXX series.
> >> A friend has a DC model in the 5L030XXX series which has the SAME
> >> problem! Both radio's are in GI-land. How widespread is this? When this
> >> happens, the radio is basically unusable.
> >> 
> >> My 'MP has been returned to Yaesu UK to be fixed, but came back with a
> >> service report which stated:-
> >> Checked and tested all alignments and connections. 5/5
> >> Checked 15 and 17 M bands extensively under varied conditions. 5/5
> >> Also stated on the report was:- Labour: 1 hour.
> >> 
> >> How can anybody do the above work and test the radio EXTENSIVELY in just
> >> one hour??? Not possible I say. Also the radio was away for one month to
> >> do just one hours work !!!!! Needless to say I am not very happy.
> >> 
> >> My friends radio is actually somewhat worse than mine. One time whilst
> >> operating 20M CW, this problem occured, then promptly reset the CPU. He
> >> ended up on 7.000.00 CW with all menu settings cleared. What is wrong
> >> here??? 
> >> 
> >> An FT990, FT102, TS930, TS430, IC735, and IC765 have worked flawlessly
> >> on the same antennas, so it looks like something is seriously amiss with
> >> the 'MP. Any ideas ??
> >> 
> >> Also, has anyone experienced RF feedback type problems on the 'MPs
> >> internal speaker when another rig is transmitting on another band. I've
> >> had this in the middle of a contest. VERY off-putting.
> >> 
> >> If anyone has experienced similar problems, drop me a line so I have
> >> more ammunition when I start hammering on Yaesu's desk. Has anyone had
> >> any joy in getting Yaesu to fix a similar problem ?
> >> 
> >> Looking forward to the replies.  
> >> 
> >> Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG (+G3OZF - U.K. team for WRTC)
> >> E-mail     : andrew@gi0nwg.demon.co.uk
> >> One of the WestNet DX Gang.
> >> Operations from EU006,007,103,106,124.
> >> Please call us in the IOTA contest from EU-124 as GW6J.
> >> 
> >> 
> >
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