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FT1000MP TX problem - RESULTS

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT1000MP TX problem - RESULTS
From: Andrew@gi0nwg.demon.co.uk (Andrew Williamson)
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 17:44:45 +0100
Hi all,

  Thanks to all the people who sent me E-mails detailing similar
problems to those I experienced. Your replies helped get results.

Today, 5th July, I phoned Yaesu UK. To start with, they would not admit
that they had come across this problem before (they didn't deny it
either). Then when I mentioned I had posted the problem on these
reflectors, and had numerous replies detailing similar problems, they
opened up somewhat and admitted they had a fix for the problem. The
radio has to be returned to get two components added to the RF board,
which they claim will cure the problem. We'll see !!! This is such a new
mod, they don't even have the proper Technical Bulletin for it yet.

They also said they have a mod for the RF power control for SSB which
they will implement, along with the mod for the headphones (Heil
boomsets) which I will be sending them a copy of as theirs is in
Japanese !!!!

I also queried the RF breakthrough problems with them, but no joy there
.... yet.

Finally, I also queried if they would change the PROM in my FT990 from
1.20 to 1.30 for free, (like it is in U.S.) but they said a charge would
probably have to be made ..... WHY ? If it can be done for free in U.S.,
why not U.K. ?

73's, again thanks for all the replies.

Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG (+G3OZF - U.K. team for WRTC)
E-mail     : andrew@gi0nwg.demon.co.uk
One of the WestNet DX Gang.
Operations from EU006,007,103,106,124.
Please call us in the IOTA contest from EU-124 as GW6J.

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