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"MP" Technical Bulletins

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: "MP" Technical Bulletins
From: aa4nu@raider.raider.net (Bill W. Cox [AA4NU])
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 15:53:13 -0500 (CDT)
  I called Yaesu Tuesday regarding the "Heil prob" ... which is NOT that
  big a deal here to me, yet ... and inquired about "other MP info" ...
  1. Yaseu tech didn't know abt the CPU ROM being diff ! My older MP
     has a CPU of 1.25, the newer one is 1.26 ... the readout on HIGH
     with the newer MP seems like LOW on the older one ... wonder if
     the CPU change has anything to do with this ...
  2. CPU is NOT socketed, so must be sent back to upgrade.
  3. TB9547 (12-26-95) deals with "Receives Image Signal" on "Lot 3"
     serial number ranges ... I called in November and was told they
     had a "fix" but did not have it typed up, it is now ... they have
     added 3 parts to form a 'filter' basically and a ground spring.
     (I had noticed that I heard a local 1450Khz AM station on 3790.0
      when using my 160m vertical to listen on 80m ! Using a 402-X ICE
      filter cleared it ALL up. HOWEVER, I borrowed a TS-850s and it had
      the same or WORSE (on 160m) problem than the MP w/o the ICE filter
      in-line ! So again, this should not be a problem here when I get 
      the 80m 4x array back on line.)
  4. TB9617 (05-22-96) deals with "Low gain with plug in heil headphone",
     no serial range given ... again not an issue at this time with the
     Heil PROSETs I have here on the MPs ...
  5. TB9607 (03-21-1996) deals with "Critical power adjustment with 
     processor switch turned on" on "Complaint Unit" for Serial No. Range.
     Now this one may interest you using ETO power amps and having probs !
     Looks like you add a jumper and cut a trace ...
  6. Yaesu will do these mods N/C as warrenty, I/you have to pay the shipping
     out there, they will pay for the shipping back. HOWEVER, I asked about
     "turn around time' and it's running 4 weeks ! UGH. 

  Anyone aware of other Technical Bulletins for the "MP" ????

  My station is still 90-% QRT and in the rebuild mode from the recent 
  damage.  Kirk WR3O has used the older MP at his station for the CQ 160, 
  NAQP's, Sprints, ARRL DX, etc ... ie LOTS of CW QSOs ... 
  and no problems to speak of. The ONLY problem this one had was low output 
  on 80m, which I fixed in about 30 seconds once I had the service book. 
  The factory TX IF gain was set lower on 80m than any other band. I set it 
  to the same as the other bands, and no more probs. 
  I did check the newer MP when I rcvd it, and everything was set FB ....
  Hope this information proves useful ... 
  73 Bill AA4NU   aa4nu@raider.raider.net

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