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Hy-tower Posting

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Subject: Hy-tower Posting
From: jwatson@unix.cde.com (John Watson)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 22:41:28 -0700
I thought I would have more of a response to my request for users 
input on the hy-tower.
   I had 4 to 5 requests for a posting of the responses and only 3 
replies by owners.
   There responses are as follows:
   Roger,N7IRR; uses his for a R7 mount.
   Rod, W7ZRC;  installed his per the recommended factory specs and used 
                9000 feet of No. 12 wire for radials. He is in the 
                process of phasing two hy-towers for 80 meters.
   Doug Westover; his only antenna for 30 years, and made honorroll with
                his hy-tower. He uses only the 6 ground rods and no 
                radials, as he states that the only use for the radials 
                is to stabilize the impedance of the antenna itself. He
                also states that the only use for radials is if you have 
                a poor soil condition.(Like here in Fla.?) 
A general thread is the Hy-tower is a rugged antenna, which is obvious to 
those who have seen one.
They are considerably more expensive than most other verticals on the 
market today.
Another consideration is the hy-tower used no traps, versus the other 
verticals on the market that use traps.
So, there you have it!! the sum total of the responses of my request for 
hy-tower information. Thanks to those who responded, and I hope that this 
may have answered some questions that some may have had.
I used only parts of the responses that were pertinent to my request, if 
I have left anything out,I apologize.

                       73 DE KC4TBH  
    John Watson         E-Mail Address's:  jwatson@unix.cde.com  
   11113 Camp St.                                         
    Leesburg, Fl.                                            
   34788-4350          DX...DX...DX... Any Questions                     

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