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"MP" Technical Bulletins II

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: "MP" Technical Bulletins II
From: aa4nu@raider.raider.net (Bill W. Cox [AA4NU])
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 19:04:17 -0500 (CDT)
Several folks have mentioned they did not see this list of MP technical
bulletins and asked for me to re-post it. So here it is again ...

73 Bill AA4NU   aa4nu@raider.raider.net

>   I called Yaesu Tuesday regarding the "Heil prob" ... which is NOT that
>   big a deal here to me, yet ... and inquired about "other MP info" ...
>   1. Yaseu tech didn't know abt the CPU ROM being diff ! My older MP
>      has a CPU of 1.25, the newer one is 1.26 ... the readout on HIGH
>      with the newer MP seems like LOW on the older one ... wonder if
>      the CPU change has anything to do with this ...
>   2. CPU is NOT socketed, so must be sent back to upgrade.
>   3. TB9547 (12-26-95) deals with "Receives Image Signal" on "Lot 3"
>      serial number ranges ... I called in November and was told they
>      had a "fix" but did not have it typed up, it is now ... they have
>      added 3 parts to form a 'filter' basically and a ground spring.
>      (I had noticed that I heard a local 1450Khz AM station on 3790.0
>       when using my 160m vertical to listen on 80m ! Using a 402-X ICE
>       filter cleared it ALL up. HOWEVER, I borrowed a TS-850s and it had
>       the same or WORSE (on 160m) problem than the MP w/o the ICE filter
>       in-line ! So again, this should not be a problem here when I get 
>       the 80m 4x array back on line.)
>   4. TB9617 (05-22-96) deals with "Low gain with plug in heil headphone",
>      no serial range given ... again not an issue at this time with the
>      Heil PROSETs I have here on the MPs ...
>   5. TB9607 (03-21-1996) deals with "Critical power adjustment with 
>      processor switch turned on" on "Complaint Unit" for Serial No. Range.
>      Now this one may interest you using ETO power amps and having probs !
>      Looks like you add a jumper and cut a trace ...
>   6. Yaesu will do these mods N/C as warrenty, I/you have to pay the shipping
>      out there, they will pay for the shipping back. HOWEVER, I asked about
>      "turn around time' and it's running 4 weeks ! UGH. 
>   Anyone aware of other Technical Bulletins for the "MP" ????
>   My station is still 90-% QRT and in the rebuild mode from the recent 
>   damage.  Kirk WR3O has used the older MP at his station for the CQ 160, 
>   NAQP's, Sprints, ARRL DX, etc ... ie LOTS of CW QSOs ... 
>   and no problems to speak of. The ONLY problem this one had was low output 
>   on 80m, which I fixed in about 30 seconds once I had the service book. 
>   The factory TX IF gain was set lower on 80m than any other band. I set it 
>   to the same as the other bands, and no more probs. 
>   I did check the newer MP when I rcvd it, and everything was set FB ....
>   Hope this information proves useful ... 
>   73 Bill AA4NU   aa4nu@raider.raider.net

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