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FT-1000mp mystery pot

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT-1000mp mystery pot
From: dave@diecast.demon.co.uk (Dave Norton)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 00:10:03 +0100
In article <m0ufnjD-0003ApC@mail.iglou.com>, Steve Ellington
<n4lq@iglou.com> writes
>Does anyone know the function of the pot to the far left of the headphone
>volume pots and how to adjust it?
>Steve Ellington N4LQ@iglou.com
If the pot is vr6812, it is the "tuning meter preset" which is for the
meter that indicates the tuning on cw and digital modes.

I adjusted it so that it lined up with a pk322 meter for rtty and amtor,
which enabled me to use a hamcom i/f more easily.

If you want to set it back to factory spec these are the instructions
that I got from a man who knows a man in Japan. I found the job a bit
fiddly and the voltage reading was hard to get right on my 2 quid meter.

tuning meter preset:-
1) preset vr6809 to vr6812 to 12 o'clock positions and turn on spot
2) connect dc volmeter to jw6803 (and ground) and adjust vr6811 for 2.7v
+ or - 0.1v
3) adjust vr6812 for a centered tuning meter indication.

You will then need to adjust the cw, rtty and packet mode indications as
detailed in the manual page 72

I believe the CAUTION! note on page 72 is a bit alarmist. It says that
factory alignment is required for the vr6812. I suppose it could be done
at the factory, but it seems a bit of a waste to send the rig 3 billion
miles back to Japan to get a pot tweeked ;-)

Anyway .. all the usual disclaimers if you try this, but I have done it,
and it worked ok on mine. 

I still think it's better aligned with a pk232 !


Dave  G0UHI Leicester U.K.
Dave Norton  

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