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[Yaesu] 1000MP, Linears and SWR - HELP

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Subject: [Yaesu] 1000MP, Linears and SWR - HELP
From: gerys@juno.com (GERRY SCOTT)
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 10:53:06 EST
I'm using a Titan with the 1000MP. For the most part ok. 
However, I run into this problem at times. It will not always drive the
Titan on 10, it says HI SWR (abt 3:1 between 1000 and linear, antennas
are perfect 1:1 or very close). If I tune up in 12 and then go to 10 and
tune up , it works fine, also sometimes kicking the antenna tuner in then
out will work, it's not consistent. To top it off I will get a HIGH SWR
light on 40 cw only after being on 80. I did change coax between 1000 and
linear, no change. I suspect the 1000 is seeing something that may not
really be a high swr. Anyone have ideas? Do u run the antenna tuner with
ur linear, should I? There could be a slight tuned input mismatch on 10,
but 40 no way. Is the 1000 very sensitive here?  Anyone using a Titan
ever experience a 10 meter instability?
Tks fr the time,
Gerry K1NY

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