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[Yaesu] 1000MP, Linears and SWR - HELP

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Subject: [Yaesu] 1000MP, Linears and SWR - HELP
From: Duncan@dnamp.prestel.co.uk (Dr. Duncan Clark)
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 20:01:08 +0000
In message <19970308.103707.4463.2.GERYS@juno.com>, GERRY SCOTT
<gerys@juno.com> writes
>I'm using a Titan with the 1000MP. For the most part ok. 
>However, I run into this problem at times. It will not always drive the
>Titan on 10, it says HI SWR (abt 3:1 between 1000 and linear, antennas
>are perfect 1:1 or very close). If I tune up in 12 and then go to 10 and
>tune up , it works fine, also sometimes kicking the antenna tuner in then
>out will work, it's not consistent. To top it off I will get a HIGH SWR
>light on 40 cw only after being on 80. I did change coax between 1000 and
>linear, no change. I suspect the 1000 is seeing something that may not
>really be a high swr. Anyone have ideas? Do u run the antenna tuner with
>ur linear, should I? There could be a slight tuned input mismatch on 10,
>but 40 no way. Is the 1000 very sensitive here?  Anyone using a Titan
>ever experience a 10 meter instability?
>Tks fr the time,
>Gerry K1NY

Hi Gerry. I can get the same effect with an SB200. I've always assumed
that the reason is that when you change frequency in a band the tuner
moves with you with it's memorised values from previous vists to the
band. It is matching then to the antenna SWR rather than the now offline
linear. Switch to transmit and the ATU is still matched to the antenna
and you have a mismatch to the linear. The only solution is to do
without the tuner.


Dr. Duncan Clark

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