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[Yaesu] Kudos Yaesu abt FT1000mp

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Subject: [Yaesu] Kudos Yaesu abt FT1000mp
From: PEMS_ST_DK@noeca.ohio.gov (PEMS_ST_DK@noeca.ohio.gov)
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 17:13:14 -0500 (EST)
I recently sent a letter to Yaesu asking about technical bulletins for my
Ft1000mp.  I received a nice letter from Jerry, N6UME of technical support.
In a large envelope were the following upgrades which he advised could be done
by anyone who can solder and has some knowledge of surface mount technology.
Also included were prices for service and turn around time.

I will list the mods here-PLEASE don't not ask for copies or instructions but I
will list bulletin numbers.

configuring for USB packet operation for MARS
TB-9643 IMD improvement
Keyer programming notes-explains proper keyer usage.
TB-9606A-antenna tuner fix for 15 meters
TB-9607 Power adjustment using processor (this is the one I wanted-appears to
be a breeze to do)
TB-9617 Low gain fix for Heil headphones (several steps)
TB-9623 fix for Iambic 2 problem
TB-9711 1.8 MHZ spurious problem fix (involves one capacitor swap)

There are no specific serial number references but the service note says
"problem units" so I guess I'll check them all.  Many times we critize
companies for being non responsive and I just wanted to pass along this
experience. (I was a dyed in wool Kenwood guy for years and still hav my 830s)
Yaesu seems to be doing it right and yes-I LOVE my MP !


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