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[Yaesu] FT-1000MP RF Power Mod -- Do-it-yourself instructions

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000MP RF Power Mod -- Do-it-yourself instructions
From: n6tv@VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson ((415) 335-2265))
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 97 00:16:32 PDT
The Rig:        Yaesu FT-1000MP (new units may not have this problem)

The Problem:    When the RF speech processor is activated, adjustment of the
                the "RF PWR" control becomes very critical -- output power can
                jump from 40 watts to 100 watts when the control is rotated
                only a few degrees.

The Solution:   Add a jumper wire and cut a trace (detailed instructions below)

Disclaimer:     I am not a Yaesu service technician.  The modification
                described below was shown to me at the 1997 Fresno DX
                Convention by "Winston" of Yaesu service, but NO ONE AT

                If you mess up your radio attempting to install this
                modification yourself, do not blame me or anyone at Yaesu.
                All responsibility lies solely with you.

                If in doubt, send your rig to Yaesu.

The good news:  I installed this mod on two FT-1000MPs, and it worked fine.
                I have not noticed any unwanted side-effects.

What you need:  1. Good eyesight
                2. Steady hands
                3. A small soldering iron, and experience using it
                4. About 6 inches (15 cm) of No. 24 or 26 AWG insulated wire
                5. Metal tweezers or forceps
                6. A small knife with a sharp tip for cutting one trace

If you do not have ALL of the above, you should not proceed any further.

The wire size is critical.  Anything larger will not fit into the tiny holes
in the circuit board.  Radio Shack stocks only ONE kind of wire this small:
Cat. No. 278-857, 2-conductor "Rainbow Wire."  Only one conductor is used; I
unzipped the tiny "zip cord" to get the length I needed.  If you have No. 26
insulated wire around, use it instead.

Detailed Instructions Follow (print with fixed-pitch font, such as Courier)

1. Remove top cover

2. Remove bottom cover

3. Orient the radio so that unit is upside down (bottom side up), and
   the rear of the radio is nearest to you.  The circuit board that will
   be modified is the "AF Unit," which is in the lower left corner.
   It has a shiny shielded metal box in the middle.

             Bottom View

   |                               |
   |                               |
   |                               |
   |                               |
   |                               |
   |                               |
   | _________                     |
   ||   AF    |                    |
   ||  Unit   |                    |
   ||_________|                    |

4. Locate diode D3023 in the lower left corner of the AF Unit, about
   1 inch (2.5 cm) from the left and 1 inch from the rear.  Just below it
   (nearer to the rear) is a small trace that runs right to left, terminating
   in a small solder "island."  The trace is completely surrounded by a wide
   metal trace.  The island has a small "through-hole" in the center that is
   filled with solder, but has no visible components.  The island is completely
   "in the clear."  Do not confuse this with the island immediately UNDERNEATH

          AF Unit (lower left corner)

   |                D3023
   |                 -==-
   |        wide metal
   |          area        |
   |                      |
   |       /--------------/
   |      ( ()============ <--- Narrow trace terminating in solder island
   |       \--------------\     Jumper will be soldered to this island and
   |                      |     trace will be cut
   |        wide metal    |
   |          area

5. Locate trim-pot (variable resistor) VR3011, labeled "AM", near the top
   left center of the AF Unit.  It is white, square, and clearly labeled,
   and "in the clear"

          AF Unit (top left center)
   |                        VR3011
   |                        +----+
   |                        |    |
   |                        +----+ <--- jumper will be soldered to this leg
   |                          AM

6. Cut a length of No. 24 or No. 26 insulated wire long enough to reach from
   the solder island near D3023 to the lower right corner of VR3011.  Strip
   3/16 inch (5 mm) of insulation from each end.

7. Important:  Tin both ends with solder.  You just want a thin coat -- no

8. This is the hardest step.  If you can get through this, the rest is easy.

   Point the tip of the wire into the center of the solder island using
   tweezers or forceps.   Heat the WIRE with a soldering iron until it melts
   the solder in the through-hole, then push the hot wire into the hole and let
   it cool.

   When soldering, be careful not to touch other wires with the soldering iron.
   Do not push too much bare wire into the hole, just enough to make a good
   connection to the through-hole.

   It may be helpful to pull back a little more insulation before soldering,
   then push the insulation back down after soldering.

   Make sure there are no solder blobs shorting to the surrounding traces.

9. Tin the lower right leg of VR3011 with a little solder, then solder the
   other end of the jumper wire to this leg.  Do not use too much heat.

10. Using the tip of a sharp knife, gently cut the small trace leading to the
    solder island as shown below.  You do not have to cut too deep, but
    be sure the cut is wide enough and that there are no shorts to surrounding

          AF Unit (lower left corner)

   |                D3023
   |                 -==-
   |        wide metal
   |          area        |
   |                      |
   |       /--------------/
   |      ( ()=====\ \==== <--- Cut trace as shown
   |       \--------------\
   |                      |
   |        wide metal    |
   |          area

11. Re-install bottom cover and top cover

12. Turn on the radio and verify that the RF PWR knob now controls output
    power smoothly, both with and without the speech processor active.

Good luck everyone.

Bob Wilson, N6TV

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