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[Yaesu] New Yaesu FT-920 First Looks

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Subject: [Yaesu] New Yaesu FT-920 First Looks
From: n6tv@VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson ((415) 335-2265))
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 97 00:18:45 PDT
Got a sneak peak at the new Yaesu FT-920 at the Fresno DX Convention last

I think Chip, K7JA, said there is only ONE prototype unit in the U.S.
at this time.  Look for it at Dayton.  Price?  Not stated.  Should cost
less than FT-1000MP.

Following copied from the one-page hand-out (my comments in parens)

- HF + 50 MHz with 100 Watts Output on all bands

- User-friendly DSP Bandwidth controls

  (This is really nice.  They added large, concentric knobs labeled High-Cut,
   and Low-Cut.  You can narrow the passband to any desired width (DSP
   controlled I assume), then shift it any direction by moving both knobs
   at the same time.  At the narrowest setting, the two "tabs" on the
   concentric knobs touch each other.  Someone did a lot of nice human
   engineering on this.  It is much nicer than the tiny Shift/Width control
   on the FT-1000MP).

- High Performance 33 MIPS DSP in all modes with one touch control
  (I assume the DSP is in the last IF as with the FT-1000MP)

- New Design MOSFET PA Finals

- Built-in High Speed Auto Antenna Tuner including 50 MHz.  Antenna Tuner works
  on both RX & TX (I wish I could make my FT-1000MP do that)

- Auto Notch/Noise Reduction Control (DSP)

- Omni-Glow Dual Display with Twin VFO Knobs
  (Twin knobs, but NOT twin receivers as in FT-1000D & MP.  Display is
  very nice black LCD on orange background -- very easy on the eyes).

- Simplified Tuning with Shuttle Jog Control (easier to use than FT-1000MP;
  full turn left or right adjusts frequency at reasonable speed)

- Digital Voice Memory System (?)

- Separate FET RF Amplifier for High & Low Bands

- Quick Memory Bank (QMB) Instant Frequency Memory System

- High Resolution DDS Tuning

- Built-in Electronic Keyer (Message Memory Keyer)

- Built-in RS-232C Level Converter

Other observations:

- Only a single "narrow" bandwidth button.  Not sure, but I speculate this
  puts a single 500 Hz optional CW filter in line ahead of the DSP.

- 12V DC radio, no built-in PS

- Somewhat smaller than FT-1000MP, but same style buttons/knobs

- Went through all the menus, but couldn't find a setting that will
  disable the "beep" tone when you hit a button

Bob, N6TV

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