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[Yaesu] Re: [TowerTalk] New e-mail address for Ken Keeler & N6RO

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Subject: [Yaesu] Re: [TowerTalk] New e-mail address for Ken Keeler & N6RO
From: dpbunte@juno.com (David P Bunte)
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 07:21:41 EDT
Ken -

        I won't bet a bundle that you remember me...but we had dinner
years ago when I was in San Francisco for a conference.  I am a friend of
Tom, N9NC (who is now HA/N9NC).  You picked me up at my hotel near the
airport and we had a great meal and a nice chat.  

        The reason I write is that I had no idea you were in the music
biz.  I am not, but as a public radio program director, I have had a
fairly close association with lot's of folks in the jazz end of the
recording and broadcasting business.  Things have changed here, but for
many years we aired LOTS of jazz...and I was a jazz reporter to GAVIN

        We still air jazz...but not as heavily...our station is mostly
news/info/talk.  But I still do a weekly feature highlighting a jazz
album (usually a new release or addition to our library).  And last time
the Charlie Haden Quartet was in town, I talked to Charlie, and to Ernie
Watts on the air for an hour during a talk show I co-host.

        Do you play, produce, market, record, sell, hawk, or what???  Who
knows, maybe you or your biz have something I want to include in a future

        Not much contesting here...I am too busy with 3 daughters age 12,
14 & 18.   I do try to get on the air from time to time...often chasing a
bit of DX on 40 cw, and trying to not let too many new ones get past me. 
(I need P5 & BS7) but guess I am in pretty good company.  

        Very 73,

David Bunte-K9FN
129 Ivy Hill Drive
West Lafayette, IN  47906-4865
(765) 463-7771

WBAA-AM at 920 kHz is celebrating 75 years of broadcasting from Purdue
University, as the first radio station in the state of Indiana.

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