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[Yaesu] FT-51R Squelch soft-mod settings - ANSWERED!

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-51R Squelch soft-mod settings - ANSWERED!
From: rakowski@nr.usu.edu (Andrew Rakowski, KC7OZS)
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 12:28:55 -0600
And the answer is:  After changing your squelch value, you need to
press the CALL button to exit the soft-mods mode and save the changed
values.  It took a call to Yaesu Tech support, but everything is back
to normal (and hopefully slightly better) now.

I'd still be interested in knowing how to set a particular value,
rather than flipping through the apparently random values, but in any
case, things are working much better now.  Now I'll see if I can get
that mod description updated!  Catch you on the air for Field Day '97!

73 de Andrew KC7OZS

}---Andrew Rakowski, KC7OZS, on Jun 27, 12:06am,
}---Writing about "[Yaesu] FT-51R Squelch soft-mod settings?" says (in part):{
} EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: I've screwed up my squelch threshold, and "reset to
} factory" and cloning from a working FT-51R do NOT reset this value.  I
} need assistance in resetting (and saving) the "SQL TH" soft-mod
} setting.  Details follow.  All help cheerfully accepted!
} Anyhow, I put my FT-51R into "soft-mod" mode (for details on this mode,
} see URL http://www.qrz.com/mods/ft51.txt) by holding down the VOL-UP,
} VOL-DOWN and CALL buttons while powering on, and went to the fifth
} option "SQL TH", which was set to 83.  I tried to lower it to match my
} other FT-51R (since this radio was suffering from my inter-mod
} interference, and I needed to really crank up the squelch to stop it,
} while my original FT-51R worked like a champ).
} However, I now seem to have the SQL TH set to "1" (I believe it's a
} 2-digit hex value, so somewhere around 80 should be "midpoint").
} Anyhow, I now have the radio totally deaf on the right VFO.  If I open
} the squelch all the way, or push the Monitor switch, it's hearing fine,
} but otherwise there's no sign of reception (no LED, no S-meter bars).

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