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[Yaesu] FIF-232C hookup

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Subject: [Yaesu] FIF-232C hookup
From: rwing@southwind.net (Randy Wing)
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 02:49:04 -0600 (CST)
Wow!  Tony, I had already purchased the Yaesu cable, but these other sites
were positively GREAT!  I think I will order the cable that allows me to
do CW from the keyboard - not for any other reason than I can get some
great software that allows me to key ahead while I'm translating a CW QSO.

Other great ideas in these links, too!  Thanks again...


On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Tony wrote:

> Hi Randy,
>    I just connected my FT840 to COM1 on a 10 year old '386. I used
> the $50 W1GEE cable/TTL<->RS232 translator. (The FIF232 was ~$120 at
> HRO and you still need a cable). I did have to buy a 25pin to 9 pin
> adaptor to mate with my com port - $6 at Radio Shack.
>    So far, both Log-EQF and SOFT990 work with this connection. I've sent
> FT840 specs to CT author K1EA for his consideration.
> So here is where to get it.
> http://www.sarrio.com/sarrio/w1gee.html
> or you can buy it thru Personal Database Applications at:
> http://www.hosenose.com/w1gee.htm#lcu
> Soft990 is available from http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/f6dex.
> (A message from Laurent went to the Yaesu reflector today).
> LogEQF logging software can be had from N3EQF at:
> http://www.itis.net/eqf/
> Have fun & 73,
> Tony
> At 12:43 -0800 1/04/98, Randy Wing wrote:
> }Has anyone hooked up an FT-840 with the FIF-232C box to their computer?
> }
> }If you have, did you get a 25 pin female RS232C connection on one end and
> }a 9 pin male COM port connection on the other end of a cable?
> }
> }I'm struggling with whether I need to buy a full RS232C serial card for my
> }computer or whether the COM port connection is adequate.  The
> }documentation is a little vague here - I guess it assumes a full
> }connection, I'm just trying to avoid it if I can...  Any help here?
> Tony Armendariz
> ke6ynr@garlic.com
> FISTS #3535
> "When you've worked a FISTS, you've worked a friend."

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