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[Yaesu] Yaesu Mobile DC Adapter/Charger Question

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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu Mobile DC Adapter/Charger Question
From: ki0dz@juno.com (Mary-Frances R Bartels)
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 20:05:28 MST
Hello all,
   I have a Yaesu E-DC-12 mobile DC adapter/charger.  As its name
implies, it is a charger, not a battery eliminator.  I have used it as my
sole battery charger for my FNB-38 and FNB-35 batteries.  Problem is, I
don't seem to know exactly how long to charge the batteries with it
because I can't seem to get any of my batteries to last longer than
several months!  I am now faced with replacing ALL of my batteries
because they are all dead, one won't even register ANY voltage after
   I have discovered that keeping the battery connected to the charger at
all times ruins the battery.  I have found that only keeping it connected
during use doesn't work well either.  I would like to keep using the
charger as my sole means of charging my FT-51's batteries because I aim
to have my amateur station powered only with solar energy (see my qsl.net
homepage for more info), thus my E-DC-12 is a great asset --- IF I KNOW
   Since the instructions that came with the charger are vague, could
anyone out there help me in determining the best way to use this charger?
 Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide!  :-)

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