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[Yaesu] 920 + bass into 1000mp

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Subject: [Yaesu] 920 + bass into 1000mp
From: morel.grunberg@telrad.co.il (Morel Grunberg)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 14:06:14 +0300

You can emphasize the low frequencies by changing the carrier
offset on menu 8-9 of the FT-1000MP. Go to -50 to -150Hz on
both LSB TX and LSB Proc submenus and carefully listen
into your monitor . Of course the EDSP green LED should be
on and don't forget the USB, too.  This is the most effective way
but you can try also the 7-7 menu / SSB TX submenu for a low
cut of 100 to150Hz.

I have also the W2IHY equalizer but don't use it because it's
not so effective and the noise gate it's not working properly. For
background noise gating I'm using an A&A MicMaster unit
featured in march issue of QST.

I found that the Heil  HC-5 catridge mounted into a Proset 5
sounds bad with a FT-1000MP no matter which EDSP settings
are used or even without EDSP. I put a HC-5 cartridge into a
large microphone enclosure and it's sounds beatiful when the
processor is set to 3 o'clock  ( abt. 8dBs of compressions ).
It's the sole mic configuration who get unsolicited good remarks
with the problematic TX quality of the FT-1000MP ( of course
a very subjective issue ). It's the sole configuration giving me
a presence effect, appropriate undistorted punch, very good
readability and a clear and clean signal. Ask other 'MP' owners
for their experience, too. 
In any case you have to tailor the audio according to your voice
characteristics, mic, room echo, background noise and so on.
The MD-100A8X doesn't have enouch punch and his built-in
filters are not helping too much. Better results were obtained
with a Shure 444 mic ( but some less punch than HC-5 ). HC-4
cartridge don't fit so well with the MP and same with MC-60/90.

Best results I heard on a FT-1000MP modulation were obtained
by using a professional Symmetrix 528E voice processor with a
very good dynamic Electrovoice mic. But it cost many $.

I still beleive that Kenwood has best TX audio while modern Yaesu
rigs have best receivers. It's a pity that Yaesu engineers didn't
invest same R&D effort on both RX/TX path. Same for the EDSP:
while very effective on RX, remains very modest on TX. The 
FT-1000MP RF processor is less good than FT-1000D and 
AF processor in FT-920 is even worse. Hope the new 847 it
will be better.

73 de Morel, 4X1AD  

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> From:         dennis edey[SMTP:dennis_edey@interworx.com.au]
> Sent:         þéåí øáéòé 22 àôøéì 1998þ 06:43
> To:   yaesu@contesting.com
> Subject:      [Yaesu] 920
> also anyone using a W2IHY Audio Equalizer and Noise gate??
> need to introduce some BASS into the FT1000MP with a Heil HC-5
> insert.??
> any thoughts please
> rgds de dennis.
> D.A.EDEY  VK4SX..(ex VK4DAE)

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