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[Yaesu] MP or D ???

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Subject: [Yaesu] MP or D ???
From: litwins@badsector.com (Litwins)
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 15:47:54 GMT
GM all; 
I'm new to this ref so don't know protocall etc so pse bear w/me.  I'm
excited! XYL has given GO for purch of new xcvr after almost 20 yrs using the
good ol' 101ZD!!  Life is short, so I'm going for the best; either a MP or
1000D.  I know the specs es tech info as I've been researching the issue for
abt 6 mos.  Now I need a consensus.  Question is to u guys/gals? who have
owned both and have an opinion.  I have tried an MP at HRO, but that kinda use
is not too interesting. Not my ant., unkn cx etc.  DXing, contesting, CW are
my interest.  I think I understand all the usual rhetoric, MP newer, has
EDSP; D is heavier, more output really 2 rcvrs etc etc.  What I want to know
from prev owners is what ur feelings were after u made the change.  This may
give me some clues as to which way to go.  I plan on buying either as
'loaded' all the B&W.  Tnx in advance fer ur opinion.  Can u hekp?  I'm leaning
slightly to the D. 
steve k8wk 

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