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[Yaesu] MP or D ???

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Subject: [Yaesu] MP or D ???
From: DJ2001@aol.com (DJ2001)
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 16:21:49 EDT
I've had them both and now own and use a FT1000MP.  If I had it to do all over
again again then I would still pick the MP, no doubt about it for me.  

You have slower tuning on the MP. which is adjustable, you have the same front
end plus extra filtering in it.  You have the dsp auto notching capability
which I think is just great.  You also have a ton of adjustments you can make
to your transmitted audio, make it sound like anything you want.  The MP is
much more serviceable than the D...take a look, the D is a mess with that big
heavy transformer which I dont think is an advantage at all in light of the
very quiet switching supplies that are now offered.  Plus the D has a mess of
wire bundles to trace out, no thanks.  If you're a AM person, then you got
syncronous detection in the MP.  The MP has a quieter fan, that fan in the D
has a howling sound, some notice it more than others.  
Its true you give up 100 watts but if you have a linear, who cares...
Performance wise, I dont see any difference in fact the MP may even be a tad
If you ever have to ship the D, its gonna cost you more because of the weight
and believe me its heavy all boxed up like close to 60lbs. and thats mostly
due to that transformer which in my opinion is not needed anymore because of
the quiet switching supplies....
  Make up your own mind but my suggestion is go for the MP, I think its a
super radio.  So is the D but I just think the MP is more refined.  


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