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[Yaesu] FT920

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT920
From: lane@glerl.noaa.gov (John Lane)
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 01:50:55 -0400
In a forum like this problems and bugs are what your likely to hear.
Perhaps the newer ICOM's are better but many of the older units I have owned
have had serious problems.  My most serious gripe (although it may be true
with all radios now) is that they used many customized IC's.  These parts
dried up pretty fast after the models they were designed for were
discontinued.  You can't find many trivial digital IC's (not to mention
uP's) for models of the IC-251,551,730 vintage and older.
Everybody's experience will vary, of course but I've found Yaesu design,
parts support and service to be pretty good.  As of a few years ago you
could still get almost a complete parts set for radios of the FT-901 vintage
(1978!).  I say this even though my FT-1000 had to go back to Yaesu 3 times
(under warranty) to get fixed.  W8KX

>I'm happy to hear of someone having success with the Yaesu.  All I ever
>on this network is problems, bugs, mods ect.  I have a MP also along with a
>775.  I use the MP...what does that tell you.  I have never touched the MP
>has been flawless.  I like to hear some positive things about the Yaesu
>instead of the constant hum of negative stuff.  Thats all I was trying to
>bring out.  They are great radios.
>I hope everyone will have a safe Memorial weekend, and dont forget to
>Dale J.
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