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[Yaesu] Tale of Woes?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Tale of Woes?
From: k8js@juno.com (John P Skubick)
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 14:49:10 -0400
I beleive that these reflectors & other discussion groups for specific
tend to bring out the worst for their repective equipment.

Think about it, regardless of who owns whatever brand of Ham rigs,
it's mostly the relative unfortunate few owners of the faulty, "buggy"
equipment that need to expose their woes for help.
**After all, if one's rig is doing OK, then the tendancy is not to
mention this fact.**

One example, is Ten-Tec.  Their HF rigs are good and rugged with very few
problems and generally excellant technical support.
However, should one do an extended tour of the Ten-Tec reflectors and
groups, as I have done, then one may possibly assume that Ten-Tec is
Which is not so for perhaps 90% or more of the many satisfied Ten-Tec
It's the same for Yaesu equipment, and I suspect the same for ICOM.
Has anyone mentioned Kenwood?

73.  --John, K8JS  (I have a 1000MP, vintage mid-1997, and it functions

On Tue, 19 May 1998 13:06:20 EDT DJ2001 <DJ2001@aol.com> writes:
>I'm happy to hear of someone having success with the Yaesu.  All I 
>ever hear
>on this network is problems, bugs, mods ect.  I have a MP also along 
>with a
>775.  I use the MP...what does that tell you.  I have never touched 
>the MP it
>has been flawless.  I like to hear some positive things about the 
>Yaesu radios
>instead of the constant hum of negative stuff.  Thats all I was trying 
>bring out.  They are great radios.
>I hope everyone will have a safe Memorial weekend, and dont forget to
>Dale J.

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