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[Yaesu] Which FT1000 model to buy?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Which FT1000 model to buy?
From: k5ed@dzn.com (Ed Jensen)
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:09:17 -0600
Hi Will,

>... unsure whether to go with an FT1000/D or the 1000MP... If you owners
> care to share your thoughts (especially those that do or have owned both),
I would > appreciate it. I have been a happy FT990 owner...

I have had an FT1000D, FT990, and currently have an FT1000MP.

The worst thing about the D was the weight, some 60 pounds.  Very difficult
to move it for changing cables or repair.  Performance was great but I sold
it to get a lighter rig.

I got the 990 since I thought I could live without the frills.  Big mistake.
I really missed the dual receive, monitor receiver, 5 watt capability, among
other features.  So I sold it and got the MP at Dayton this year.

The MP is a wonderful rig, with all the ability of the D and bunches of new
hi tech features like menu settable parameters for almost everything (tuning
rate was a new one to me) and DSP built in.  Even better ergonomics than the
D (the split control is just about fool proof, I have not been yelled at by
the band police since I got the MP, lots of yells when I had the 990 hi!).
And it only weighs 33 pounds!

>...some more important features to me are an effective noise blanker
(especially >for 60 Hz line noise)

The DSP noise reduction works well on RF noise, don't have 60Hz noise so
can't comment on that.

>power output of 120 watts for amplifier drive (will the MP do this?)

My MP only puts out 100 Wts max.

>good filtering and phase noise performance

I have read comments from others complaining about these points but I have
not noticed any problems.

Biggest negatives for me of the MP are its lack of VHF capability and
spectrum analyzer (an analyzer is great for 6 and 10m contests to scan for
band openings).  The new ICOM rigs have these but I don't think they are the
contest rigs that the MP is (I'm sure ICOM owners will contest that).  I am
waiting for Yaesu to introduce a top of the line contest rig with VHF and
spectrum analyzer capability.

Hope this helps.

73, Ed
Ed Jensen, K5ED, El Paso, TX, k5ed@dzn.com

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