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[Yaesu] Which FT1000 model to buy?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Which FT1000 model to buy?
From: robin@g3tkf.demon.co.uk (Robin Thompson)
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 10:25:05 +0100
Just a few more thoughts on the advantages of the FT1000 v FT1000MP .... 

For contesting work the bonus of the 1000 is the SEPARATE second rx
...so you can check the condition of ANY other band - instant qsy,work
the DX as it pops up on 28Mhz then back to the pile up on 7Mhz. PLUS of
course the 200 watts can be very useful - no lack of drive there !!
We now have 3 members of our contest group (it's a small group) with
FT1000 's , another is currently looking for a good second hand one, you
can't have a better ad than that!

Having tried the MP for a while the thing that struck me was that the
APPEARANCE of the radio,particulary the Neon dispay, scored about 4 out
of 10 points !!

The one thing I don't like about the FT1000 is the CW monitor being
fixed in frequency (OK-switchable) - and maybe not as nice sounding a
sidetone as on some other radios (TS930/950)......and OK it's HEAVY -
really solid I would say.

In article <78afe86b.3620b963@aol.com>, AA4NC@aol.com writes
>I know this has been covered in detail somewhere, but my archive search didn't
>turn much up. I want to get an FT1000 model, but am unsure whether to go with
>an FT1000/D or the 1000MP. I like some features of both radios, but neither is
>a clear winner when I compare them.
>If you owners would care to share your thoughts (especially those that do or
>have owned both), I would appreciate it. I have been a happy FT990 owner for
>years, and plan to keep the 990 as well.
>My main interest is contesting, and some more important features to me are:
>an effective noise blanker (especially for 60 Hz line noise)
>power output of 120 watts for amplifier drive (will the MP do this?)
>good filtering and phase noise performance 
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Robin Thompson
City of Bath

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