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[Yaesu] FT-1000D Bandwidth

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000D Bandwidth
From: lanej@provide.net (John Lane)
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 13:10:01 -0000

The shift control should provide the same passband carrier point regardless
of the filter used although occasionally I need to adjust it slightly when
going from 250Hz to 500Hz when using RTTY.  It shouldn't be an issue for CW.
I gererally leave the control centered for 250Hz and 500Hz operation.  The
passband frequency can be checked with the calibrator signal. It only
provides a few clicks of adjustment before the signal is excessively
The bandwidth control when used with the 250 Hz filters only provide a
couple clicks of adjustment at the extreme clockwise rotation of the
control.  I usually leave it fully clockwise in this position.  It's
slightly more flexible on the 500Hz position but generally if I need
additional selectivity at 500Hz I will switch to the narrower filter.
In summary the width control only provides a few clicks of adjustment from
full clockwise with the narrower filters. The shift control only provides a
few clicks of adjustment around center.  This charecteristic is typical with
every radio I have used with these features.
My FT-1000 is an older one (1992).  It's too much trouble to pull the radio
out to find the serial.
All in all a great radio.  Certainly destined to become a classic.

>I've recently purchased a new FT-1000D.  I believe that my radio has a
>problem, although Yaesu (through the dealer) insists that it is just
>a "characteristic" of the radio and nothing is wrong.  I would
>therefore be most grateful to receive comments  from all of you who
>are experienced in using this fine radio.
>I expect to be able to obtain the highest possible selectivity by
>choosing the narrowest 250 Hertz Bandwidth and then by adjusting the
>"Shift" and "Width" controls so that everything is narrowed down as
>much as possible.  After settting  the "Shift" and "Width" controls
>for optimum 250 Hertz selectivity, I expect to  be able to INCREASE
>the bandwdth  WITHOUT needing to re-adjust the "Shift" or "Width"
>What actually happens is that if I increase the bandwidth from 250 Hz
>to 500 Hz, I must completely and radically change the settings of the
>"Shift" and "Width" controls.  Without resetting these controls,
>NOTHING at all is received.  I'm not talking about a minor touchup,
>but completely different settings.  If, however, I change from 250 Hz
>to 2 KHz or 2.4 KHz, everything appears normal - there is no need to
>change the "Shift" and "Width" settings.  In summary, the 250 Hz, 2
>KHz, & 2.4 KHz bandwidths function as I expect, but the 500 Hz
>bandwidth does not.  It requires unique adjustments of the "Shift" and
>Width" controls.
>Please let me know if you have experienced "characteristics" like I've
>mentioned, or not.  If it is not too much trouble to include the
>serial number of the receiver, that could be helpful in trying to put
>some statistics together (mine is S/N 8J540016).
>Thanks & 73
>de Riki, 4X4NJ
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