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[Yaesu] FT-1000D Bandwidth

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000D Bandwidth
From: lmenzel@millcomm.com (Larry Menzel)
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 08:15:02 -0600

I was intrigued and puzzeled after I read your first posting of this
conundrum.  I'm no technician, first off, so I haven't a technical
answer for you, however, I did try it myself on my 1000D.  

I found that if you first make sure that you are exactly on frequency
with the station, i.e. use the spot tone to match his incoming signal
tone, and then start to narrow down the signal with the shift/width 
control I was able to find very close tolerances with all the filter
selection positions.  I will admit that it was necessary on several
occasions to adjust the shift knob one click either way from it's 
position when changing to the 500 Hz filter, but not the gross change
that you describe in any case.

My radio, when tuned as described kept the signal in the pass band 
farily consistently at all filter widths, except as noted.  I'll spend
a bit more time with it today, but I don't recall you mentioning if
you had "centered" the incoming signal or not.

Larry N0XB
Northfield, MN  

At 09:05 AM 1/2/99 -0800, rikik@inter.net.il wrote:
>I've recently purchased a new FT-1000D.  I believe that my radio has a
>problem, although Yaesu (through the dealer) insists that it is just
>a "characteristic" of the radio and nothing is wrong.  I would
>therefore be most grateful to receive comments  from all of you who
>are experienced in using this fine radio.
>I expect to be able to obtain the highest possible selectivity by
>choosing the narrowest 250 Hertz Bandwidth and then by adjusting the
>"Shift" and "Width" controls so that everything is narrowed down as
>much as possible.  After settting  the "Shift" and "Width" controls
>for optimum 250 Hertz selectivity, I expect to  be able to INCREASE
>the bandwdth  WITHOUT needing to re-adjust the "Shift" or "Width"
>What actually happens is that if I increase the bandwidth from 250 Hz
>to 500 Hz, I must completely and radically change the settings of the
>"Shift" and "Width" controls.  Without resetting these controls,
>NOTHING at all is received.  I'm not talking about a minor touchup,
>but completely different settings.  If, however, I change from 250 Hz
>to 2 KHz or 2.4 KHz, everything appears normal - there is no need to
>change the "Shift" and "Width" settings.  In summary, the 250 Hz, 2
>KHz, & 2.4 KHz bandwidths function as I expect, but the 500 Hz
>bandwidth does not.  It requires unique adjustments of the "Shift" and
>Width" controls.
>Please let me know if you have experienced "characteristics" like I've
>mentioned, or not.  If it is not too much trouble to include the
>serial number of the receiver, that could be helpful in trying to put
>some statistics together (mine is S/N 8J540016).
>Thanks & 73
>de Riki, 4X4NJ
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