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[Yaesu] Another FT1000D tuning knob fix

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Subject: [Yaesu] Another FT1000D tuning knob fix
From: smlx@earthlink.net (Nancy & Steve Lawrence)
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:06:32 -0700
My FT1000D main tuning knob almost froze last night!  The encoder can be
replaced by removing the knob to gain access to the nut. Remove the top and
bottom covers, remove the two top screws at the sides holding the front
panel. Loosen but do not remove the correspnding lower front panel screws.
Unplug the line going to the power switch. The front panel will now rotate

Staring at the wire bundle, I accepted the fact that my eyes have gotten
smaller and my hands bigger over the years. So I buttoned up the radio.

Here is a simple fix, albeit perhaps temporary, suggested by the Yaesu
Service Dept. Use WD40.

Remove the rubber main knob cover. Remove the knob by loosening the set
screw. (If you unwind the set screw too much, you'll have to take the knob
apart (three more screws - don't ask how I know) to retrieve the set screw.
Unwind the spring and remove the plastic washer. Set the radio with the
face up. Cover the shaft with a paper towel and insert the WD40 extension
nozzle on to the opening in the "C" ring clip on the shaft. Spray. Let sit
vertically for a while. Replace washer, spring (turn clockwise), knob and
rubber cover.

At first it was still stiff. About an hour later it loosened up and is back
to normal including another turn or so when "spun." I have not had any
backlash movement with this radio ever.

Sure hope this lasts.

73, Steve WB6RSE

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