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[Yaesu] FT-1000mp synchronous vfo tuning?

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000mp synchronous vfo tuning?
From: esa.p.korhonen@nokia.com (esa.p.korhonen@nokia.com)
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 14:29:00 -0600
Hello to the list,

just as a side note; the diversity receive works great with an SO2R-contest 
type setup. Two radios and a two-radio box to handle the audio. If you have two 
radios, this is definately the easiest way to implement it. Cheap as well, if 
you only want the two-radio box to control the audio only, radio A or radio B 
or A+B. Real simple and you don't have to touch the radios. The commercially 
available boxes, such as WX0B SO2R-Master or Top Ten Devices DX-Doubler are 
great, but a little bit expensive for this purpose only. I have the 
SO2R-Master, but I'm doing a lot of contesting as well.

Esa w5/oh7wv

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT-1000mp synchronous vfo tuning?

Dear Robi-
There has been a mod for true dual receive in the FT-1000MP
but it was very complicated and I do not particularly recommend
it. This mod was done by a JA ham. You can see an english
translation on the web page of WD8ARZ
There is also a url for a Japanese web site. For some reason,
the WD8ARZ website is no longer serving the photos.
In all seriousness, if you really want to do true antenna diversity
work, it would be easier to just get yourself an FT-1000D. In the
D model, all you need to do is set an internal switch to "E BPF" and 
turn on the Rx Ant front panel switch and then hook up 2 antennas
to 2 coax connectors. If you buy an old FT-1000 without the BPF-1
option, then you need to buy a BPF-1 and plug it in the radio.

The MP mod involves going out and buying a BPF-1 (surprise!)
just like is used in the 1000D. Then you buiuld it in a case with
some glue logic to translate the different band control signals
that exist in the MP and send them to the BPF-1. You will also
need to get hold of a special custom ROM from the JA ham who
designed this box. If I remember right, you also have to do some
minor mods inside the MP to accommodate the BPF-1 box.
Then you can do diversity receive.
Sad to say, not many hams were using the diversity capabilities
in the 1000D, so when Yaesu released the MP design, it did not
really contain *complete* separate receivers. The sub-rx in the
MP shares the bandpass filters with the main receiver, and there
is *no provision* for plugging in a separate BPF subassembly as
in the 1000D. So a stock MP cannot do true antenna diversity-
it also cannot do crossband diversity where you listen to 2
different bands on 2 different antennas in 2 different earphones
at the same time.
The MP can tune both receiver VFOs at the same time, I am told-
you hold down some button with one hand while tuning the main
tuning knob with the other hand and both VFOs will track. This is
very tiring for your finger, however.  :o)  I like the G3TKF Synchro
mod a lot better- but this is only for the 1000D. You just press
SPOT to slave the 2 VFOs, then A>B to sync them up, then start
tuning. This mod is one of the most outstanding and effective
mods to a radio I have seen in many years.
I can say that all the work to install the Synchro mod and a BPF-1 
in my FT-1000 (now a 1000D) was definitely worth it. You must
hear it to believe it. Diversity reception in weak-signal HF DXing
is simply awesome! Highly recommended. Note that you must 
have enough room for multiple HF antennas to make antenna
diversity receiving work right.  73, David K3KY

On 15 Feb 2002 at 10:58, vilhar wrote:

> Hello!
> Is it possible to force ft1000mp's VFO's to be tuned synchronously?
> This would be great for some diversity reception scenarios like X-yagi
> EME operation with double synchronous xverter in font of ft1000mp
> (modified so that A antenna input is fed to the main RX and B antenna
> to the sub RX).
> 73 de Robi/s53ww
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