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[Yaesu] FT1kD Internal Electronic Keyer

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT1kD Internal Electronic Keyer
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 11:19:22 -0500
in my youth (long time ago - another story)

I would zero beat a station and turn the power down then  try to emulate 
their style - same could be done with zero beating W1AW when they have 
practice runs - you could find out the appropriate speed by adjusting 
the keyer setting to the current one...although I do not think knowing 
you are sending at XY WPM is really of any value.

Send what you are comfortable with - better to send slow and well than 
fast and sloppy.


Jim, K4OJ

Vince wrote:

>Hello Group:
>Santa brought me a Bencher BY-2; my very first set of paddles, ever !
>Causes me to have one or two questions about the radio's internal keyer
>[1]    Where can I read information (on the Internet, perhaps) about
>timing/spacing for forming Morse coded characters?  The manual for the
>FT1kD provides a table of data for Keyer Weight Settings, but I need to
>know why I would want to change from the 1:3 ratio.   Which setting
>might allow me to operate the electronic keyer and paddles easier?
>[2]    Has anyone done any investigation of the electronic keyer timing
>that would provide a correlation of the hash marks that are present
>around the SPEED control knob with words per minute? What is the minimum
>and maximum wpm speeds available from this keyer and what is the
>incremental change between each hash mark on the front panel next to the
>SPEED control knob ?
>I suppose that I should first locate and read information about
>generating correctly timed/spaced Morse Code characters, and I will
>attempt a GOOGLE search.  I have been generating Morse Code characters
>with use of a Vibroplex Original Standard bug for more than 41 years;
>and now I want to learn to do that correctly with use of a dual lever
>set of paddles and the FT1kD electronic keyer.
>Thanks for reading this and for any informational help.
>73 and Have Fun;  I am with my new toy!.
>de ~ Vince ~
>WA2RSX   IOTA   NA-026
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