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[Yaesu] ft-920 am transmit

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Subject: [Yaesu] ft-920 am transmit
From: Labontefamily@aol.com (Labontefamily@aol.com)
Date: Wed Feb 19 08:35:24 2003
I have recently acquired a ft-920 with the inrad filter kit, FM, and the am 
filter.  The radio works beautifully except for one thing.  When I switch to 
AM mode and try to transmit, "ERROR" appears on the display and the radio 
does not transmit.  The filter appears to work properly as I can press the 
narrow button and hear the affect.  Has anyone ever seen this before?  Am I 
just missing something?  The guy I got it from swears he used am.
       Also, Has anyone ever used this radio with any HI-FI AUDIO equipment 
for ssb?  I was wondering what the transmit bandwidth was and if it is 
modifiable or if there is a way to feed the balanced modulator directly
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