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[Yaesu] FT1000 Loose Screws

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT1000 Loose Screws
From: smlx@earthlink.net (Steve Lawrence)
Date: Wed Feb 19 18:24:13 2003
Last October I reported on a buzz / phase noise sound in receive on my 
FT1000D at turn-on on 28020 and other 10m frequencies and also to a 
lesser extent on 12m. The "fix" was to tighten the circuit board screws 
on the filter board accessible by removing the top cover and then 
lifting the shield up from the board for access. Unfortunately, the 
problem returned shortly after my posting. Once again, a firm fist on 
the right side and to the rear of the radio would just about clear the 
problem until the AC power was cycled.

I now believe that I have permanently fixed the problem. After removing 
the top and bottom covers, I found that the screws holding the RF board 
and the Sub RX board ? both on the right side of the radio where my 
fist had been effective ? were simply sitting in place with essentially 
no torque. I tightened these screws and any others, top and bottom that 
I could easily see. Although tempted, I left the screws holding down 
the PA transistors alone!

After several days, all is well. After nine years, screws loosened or 
were never tight to begin with or both.

CAUTION: Disconnect all power when attempting this. YMMV.

73, Steve WB6RSE

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