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Subject: [Yaesu] Re: (Yaesu) Good rigs for power line noise
From: klenc@earthlink.net (Steve Klenc)
Date: Tue Mar 25 08:00:49 2003
John, and the Group...

I have had similar experiences with serious power line noise in the past, and 
it also had me to the point where I considered finding a different 
hobby/pastime.  I would get a steady S7 - S9 noise day and night unless it was 
raining.  The noise buried all but the strongest signals, and was present on 
every band with 15 and 10 Meters being the worst.

I have an FT1000d, but the NB circuits (especially the Wide NB) could only 
reduce the intensity of the line noise, and did not make enough of a difference 
to permit serious DXing.

I set out to identify the source of the noise before contacting the power 
company.  A friend in my radio club made a homebrew line noise sniffer from a 
VHF-AM (aircraft band) portable receiver to which he attached a handheld dipole 
antenna using aluminum rods.  (MFJ now makes a similar unit... MFJ852... for 
about $100).  I was able to locate the pole that was the source of my noise 
problem, about 1/4 mile from the QTH, and could tell by use of the nulls off 
the end of the dipole antenna that the noise was coming from near the top of 
the pole.

Then I called the power company and told them I had a line noise and was quite 
certain I knew where it was.  They were helpful and responsive, meeting me the 
next day at a time that was convenient to me.  The lineman took a long 
telescoping fiberglass pole and lifted on the wires and cables.  I was 
listening through the radio and as he lifted the upper-most one, the noise 
stopped.  He let it down and the noise returned.  A little more tapping on the 
lines, and it was determined that the problem was a wire clamp that a secondary 
line to feed a house was attached with.  When I came home from work the next 
day, the clamp had been replaced and my noise was gone!

The point to my story is:  Don't try to fix a line noise problem with a 
different radio... it just isn't going to make enough difference to permit you 
to pull out weak signals, and that is the challenge and joy of DXing!  Keep 
working at solving the SOURCE of the problem.  The power company will most 
likely cooperate with you (they have to!) if you can give them some idea of 
where to start looking.

Best of luck with your problem, and keep enjoying the hobby!

Steve Klenc
Jefferson City, Missouri 
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