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[Yaesu] ANC-4 is not a cure-all

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: [Yaesu] ANC-4 is not a cure-all
From: wsanders@wsanders.net (Wiley Sanders)
Date: Tue Mar 25 14:16:12 2003
The ANC-4 is not a cure-all for power line noise. It is only effective if the 
noise can be isolated from the receive signal, and brought into the unit on a 
separate "sense" antenna. It is not set and forget if the phase of the noise 
changes over time. At my particular QTH, the line noise originates all over 
the neighborhood, at numerous poles, and as weather and temp changes, the 
sources of noise change. The ANC-4 is completely ineffective against this 
noise. As a matter of fact, I'm selling mine on EBay as soon as I can get a 
picture of it. I'm not saying it doesn't work - it just is effective against a 
specific kind of noise source, like a dimmer or computer.

-Wiley KF6IIU

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