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[Yaesu] an antenna question

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Subject: [Yaesu] an antenna question
From: kz2g@optonline.net (KZ2G)
Date: Wed Apr 2 13:13:43 2003
I'm using a Pro-Am mobile whip mounted on a wooden utility pool on the
corner of my Levitt house.  It's for 30 meters.   I have 4 radials cut for
it, 1/4 wave of 30 meters.  It works fine with my MFJ Versa Tuner on my Omni
6+.  But i want to remove the 30-meter Pro Am whip and put a 17-meter Pro Am
whip in its place WITHOUT RECUTTING THE 4 RADIALS.  What's ur opinion?  Will
i be able to tune it on 17-meters ok with the Versa Tuner?

Bob, KZ2G --- 10-10 # 10148
        Omni 6 Plus (Base) & FT-100D (Wheelchair Mobile), C U on CW!
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