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[Yaesu] an antenna question

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Subject: [Yaesu] an antenna question
From: vr2bg@harts.org.hk (VR2BrettGraham)
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:50:32 2003
KZ2G asked:

>I'm using a Pro-Am mobile whip mounted on a wooden utility pool on the
>corner of my Levitt house.  It's for 30 meters.   I have 4 radials cut for
>it, 1/4 wave of 30 meters.  It works fine with my MFJ Versa Tuner on my Omni
>6+.  But i want to remove the 30-meter Pro Am whip and put a 17-meter Pro Am
>whip in its place WITHOUT RECUTTING THE 4 RADIALS.  What's ur opinion?  Will
>i be able to tune it on 17-meters ok with the Versa Tuner?

The beauty of the Ten-Tec is that they current limit the finals, so you can
drive just about anything as an antenna with one without a tuner & not have
to worry about something going wrong (I had an Omni-6 & still have a 420E -
they took a lot of abuse on the WARC bands driving a KT34 directly last solar

Since a recent move of QTH, I have just an HF2 up (on roof, about 9m above
ground), with stub-tuned radials made of windowed twinlead (scaled down
from the stub-tuned radials Butternut sells for its HF6 & HF9 products) & since
I'm usually running our legal limit (26 dBW), I'm forced to use an external 
as obviously the one in my MP (Yaesu connection to thread established ;^)
doesn't help an outboard amp.

I recently took delivery of an ACOM 1k & was pleasantly surprised to find 
it was
happy to force-feed the HF2 on all bands on which the HF2 is not meant to be
used without the tuner & without any reasonant radials (other than on 21 Mc
due to how 40m antennas can often be used on 15m).  The tuner has now been

Reasonant radials are nice for an elevated vertical, but unfortunately the
stub-tuned trick won't work for the WARC bands (though the 40-20-15-10
relationship maps pretty close for 10 Mc when scaled up for 80-40-30).
When you have a chance, I'd recommend making some of the former &
then adding 17m radials & maybe even ones for 12m - it's nice to be able
to work all bands, but in the meantime, I'd say just use it!

73, VR2BrettGraham

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