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[Yaesu] hello, ft 1000mp audio output problem

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Subject: [Yaesu] hello, ft 1000mp audio output problem
From: "Bill and Nancy Capps" <wbcapps@mindspring.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 11:38:29 -0500
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Hello All
    I am having a little problem with my ft1000mp and I was hoping maybe 
someone on this list could give me some advice. I've never had any problems 
with the rig. Last week, I hooked up a West Moutain "rig blaster" up between 
the transceiver and my Dell PC. I enjoyed psk for the the first time and all 
seemed to be working ok. I received good reports for everyone. I left the radio 
and PC for about an hour and when I came back, the FT1000mp had lost all its 
audio output from its speaker. I could hear no audio from headphones from 
either the side speaker or any of the headphone jacks. I unhooked the rig 
blaster and reconnected everything like before and nothing. I could key a 
straight key in cw and the rig will transmit. I can key the handmike in ssb and 
the transmitter is working. I can tune across busy portions of the 40 and 20 
meter ssb bands and see the s-meter jumping from qso's but no audio output.  I 
didnt go into any of the hidden menu's and change anything. I was wonder
 ing if there is a stuck relay?  Its has been a long time, but is there a 
"master reset" that I can do? I forgot the keystrokes to perform it. I know to 
access the hidden menu's you depress "fast" and "enter". Any advice anyone 
might have would sure be appreciated. I did a search on the internet and I was 
unable to find any information. If I find out whats wrong or what I did wrong, 
I will report that back to the list.  I hope I dont have to box this monster up 
and send it to yaesu for repairs.

73 and Good DX

Bill Capps 
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