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[Yaesu] Use of FT1000MP Manual and Auto DSP Notch Systems

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Subject: [Yaesu] Use of FT1000MP Manual and Auto DSP Notch Systems
From: "WD8ARZ" <wd8arz@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:13:19 -0500
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John, go into your menu system (press and hold fast button, and at the same 
time press the enter button) rotate to the 2-9 selection using the Sub 
Receiver tuning knob. When there, use the Main Receiver tuning knob to 
choose between the three options, in this case choose the SELEct option.

For either notch to work, the Notch button must be pressed until the green 
light turns on. When the Notch button is green, the Manual IF Notch is now 
functional. Just rotate the IF Notch knob for the performance you want. To 
turn on the DSP notch (while the Notch Button is Green), press the EDSP 
button so it is Green. Now the Auto Notch is active too. If you dont want to 
use the manual notch at the same time as the auto notch, turn the manual 
notch knob it all the way to one side ( I normally have it full clockwise).

Whats the value of this? When tuned to a weak signal and a strong signal is 
nearby, the manual IF notch works upstream in the IF stages and will knock 
down the actual signal strength of the stronger signal, allowing for an 
improved copy of the weak signal. Put agc to fast or off, and you will be 
able to copy the nearby weak signal with out the IF Gain (ie S meter) value 
being brought down or pumped by the stronger signal in the passband. Also 
use the passband tuning and filter selections to help out in this situation.

DSP notch doesnt work far enough up stream in the IF stages to proved this 
benefit (in this radio).

That is why manual notch and filters bring so much value to system 
performance independently and ahead of the DSP system.

Use a program like TRX-Manager to see a bar display showing the effect on 
received bandwidth (Enable EDSP program). Or use any other audio program 
that shows your audio spectrum output. You will see mostly a flat response 
when no options are being used, and the effects of filter selection, if 
notches, passband and shift/width controls have on what you hear as you 
select / adjust them.

73 and have a good day, I have to run to work now - Bill - WD8ARZ

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Subject: Re: [1000mp] FT1000MP Menu settings for notch filters - Here is How 

> Hi Bill,
> I am using a FT1000MP, don't know that makes a difference from the MKV or 
> not.  So how do I turn both on then?  Does hitting the notch button turn 
> on both the manual and the auto notch if the EDSP is on?
> 73s John NE0P

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